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The Square Kilometre Array: a £1.2 billion global science project to build the world's largest and most sensitive radio telescope.

Presented by Richard Schilizzi
Recorded May 2011

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An update on the vital work being carried out at NPL to improve traceability and reduce uncertainties associated with climate forecasts. Presented by Nigel Fox.

Recorded 19th April 2011

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The view from inside an industrial laboratory by Steve Sidney, National Laboratory Association, South Africa

Recorded 8th March 2011

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Presented by Seton Bennett

Recorded 24th February 2011

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Possible applications of multiferroic materials by Dr Melvin Vopson, NPL

Recorded 24th February 2011

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An Industry in Transition; the future advances of tele-communication by Dr Walter Tuttlebee, Mobile VCE

Recorded 19th November 2010

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For applications in photovoltaics and photonics. Presented by Roland Hany and Jakob Heier from EMPA

Recorded 4th November 2010

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A presentation on Gel-Phase Nanotechnology by Prof. Rein Ulijn from the University of Strathclyde.

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Decadal Change Accuracy for Space Based Reflected Solar Spectra, Emitted Infrared Spectra, and Radio Occultation

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Live examples of malicious sites, how they work, and what little we currently know about the criminals who operate them. By Richard Clayton

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